The Newly Awakened Man, Pt 1.

It was only last year that the ratio of men to women having Shamanic healing with me was seriously out numbered by women – At the beginning of last year I disappeared into the bush lands of my birth country Australia to do some work with the local Indigenous and I kinda feel like something happened while I was away in the land of the dreamtime, something has changed amongst us and I want to talk about it.

For years my witchy circle of girlfriends and I have talked about awakened, spiritual men, present men, men with empathy, men who can hold space, connect with nature and who can truly feel the world. Up until recently these men have been spoken about more like some mystical creature that lives in some other world rather than a person that might actually exist.

I remember moments of sadness & almost a sense of loss wondering where these men are and having this overwhelming feeling of missing them even though in this lifetime I was not to sure exactly what it was that I was supposed to be missing.

So these changes since returning back have shown a huge change in the amount of women to men who are coming for healing. In-fact right now I’m seeing a lot more men, men who are feeling for the first time, after the world has finally given them permission to do so and as a result are awakening in huge numbers without much guidance or any clue that they are about to embark on an epic journey of the soul, full of much needed nourishment, connection to spirit, healing, introspect and connection with women in ways they have never even dreamt of.

My excitement for this other half of our species is met with an equal amount of deep thought into how we as women and other awakened folk can support these guys. Even after our own experiences of trauma at the hands of the unawakened man and a society that we were all responsible for who kept them that way.

As I write this I feel a concoction of emotions in my heart, one of sadness of us humans leaving it so late to heal this, one of my own person hurts of mistakes made by men towards me and another of this burning compassion and love for them that I am not sure if I can contain much longer hence the need to write.

When I look around I see every single one of us is hurting or effected in one way or another by the dis-services to humanity that got us into this in the first place and so as always I turned to spirit “what do we the people need to know at this time on this topic?”

I was taken by my spirit allies to a giant, stone Greek stadium. It was full of people cheering and screaming out into the centre where I could see three groups of people – The first group I looked at were quite far away and seemed to make up about 15% of the people in the centre as a whole, these people were standing separated into two groups of women and men, and they seemed to be representing to me the people in our society who are still living out this old story of separation and hierarchy influenced through media and societal norms, there seemed to be no sense of connection between these people and their perceptions of one another seeming skewed and untrue.

The second group which looked to me as if it were representing most of us, showed again the sexes divided but in this group they were standing closer and they were shouting at each other – on the women’s side I was seeing #metoo banners and an over whelming feeling of being a victim with a sense of need for an acknowledgement that was nowhere to be seen. The men in all their chaos felt like they didn’t even know who they were anymore, there was this sense of both withdrawal but also wanting to shout out in anger without really knowing why.

The third group maybe 1% of all the people in total were standing together in there own personal space, in silence, feet planted firmly on the ground with their palms facing outwards as if to say “here I am, I am here” although there were very few of these people with only one or two men about it did feel amazing to see.

One of my spirit allies gracefully pointed back over to the second group asking me to take another look; as I looked over I noticed this time in the mens group quite a large number of them in all this chaos, frantically looking around for a way out of this hysterical maze, looking at other men for answers as they tried to navigate there way out of it without any help in sight. On the women’s side I saw a whole bunch of them sitting quietly away from the others sitting with their pain, processing, chewing nails and staring into space and I realised that they too are working their way out of this chaos.

Now Im not saying that a majority of us are screaming at each other in the streets, it is not uncommon for the spirits to speak to us in signs and metaphors in a way that our human brains can best get the story behind the story.

After seeing what I saw in the Greek stadium I thought back to my clients. These ones who have found Shamanism as a modality of healing helpful to their process of getting out of this mess; consciously or unconsciously they are standing up in large numbers and owning their shit.

Men are making those first steps to allow feeling emotion and seeking the healing required for a stronger foundation to move forward in to the world in this new way stronger than ever before. And women, women are coming into me with the deep, dark and shadowy stuff; the conversations are completely different, these women know what they want and are aware of their own capacity to heal themselves and when to come for help, noticing this change with the sexes has made me more at ease with where we are at as a species and if the men keep moving at the pace they are then maybe I will be seeing less of them too, perhaps they will follow in these women’s footsteps who in my opinion are the trail blazers of the new world.

And if we do overcome our disharmony and I think we will, then healers and seers like me will be able to focus more of our attention on the spiritual clean up job of land and home to heal, restore, balance and bring back into harmony our beautiful planet once more.

There is a Native American prophecy of the Anishinaabe called The prophecy of the seven Fires. In this prophecy they speak of all these different stages that we have just gone through as humans and in the final stage, the 7th stage is where we are at right now in this experience together;

It writes : If the New People will find trust in the way of all things, in the circle, they will no longer need the selfish voice of the ego and they can begin to trust their inner voice. Wisdom will once again be found in dreams of the night and of the day. The sacred fire will once again be lit. The Light-skinned People will be given a choice between two paths. If they choose the right path the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth Fire and final fire of brotherhood and sisterhood. If they choose the wrong path, remaining on the path of the mind, then the destruction they brought with them will come back to destroy them. The people of the earth will experience much suffering and death.

If you would like to read in full The Prophecy Of the Seven Fires, you can find the PDF here:

I have so much faith in humanity right now and in our ability to pull ourselves out of this and to move forward as one, this blog piece has become a two part series so stay tuned on my facebook page: Leah Savage – Spirit Speaks for the next half where I will dive in deeper to what we can do to support each other further in these new and exciting times.

Love to you all,

Leah Savage – Spirit Speaks.

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This is absolutely gorgeous Leah, so many aspects I can relate too, actually makes me feel quite Emotional reading it touches me like nothing else.
I will be reading this several times over, but so looking forward to the next chapter.

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