An Important Message From Our Ancestors In This Time Of Awakening & The Second Wave – Pt 1.

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I then heard a voice speaking to me “We all come from the same spirit mother, we are all family. Come together not because you are afraid or angry but come together as family.”

When I first wrote this last month I thought it was about the riots but this morning before learning about the new Melbourne Lockdown in Australia I was informed by spirit that this message is for NOW.

The world may feel like it has gone completely mad of late, the veil is thinning and the realities that have been here for a very long time are now beginning to show themselves more and more.

And all those little annoyances we may have turned a blind eye to in the past that have slowly been chipping away at our freedom are now uncontrollably rising to the surface for a lot of people on the planet right now.

Like raw meat served on a platter at a vegan restaurant, it’s uncomfortable, we are squirming and raging and all of us are handling it in different ways.

So as usual when times get tough I turned to Spirit for ceremony, the sustenance and juice of the Gods which feeds us – for we are them and they are us, we are spirit and these fleshy vehicles we cruise around in to have this spiritual experience on Earth with our brains and our hearts being easily distracted via external influences don’t always do us justice.

We have never been taught of our unlimited potential and therefore are scrambling about doing the best we can with the tiny bits of knowledge that we have somehow managed to scrape together in our incredibly busy lives.

For this reason I open sacred space and go within and within this space I turn to the spirits in ceremony with an intention.

To take flight through a two part Shamanic journey out to the Ancestors who have been through similar situations before and then a second part, to our Descendants who have come out the other side of this time and survived.

With the information retrieved from these places myself and some others of my nearest and dearest who also walk the path of the sacred would then weave the threads of knowledge together to create a new tapestry for this new world that we are coming into.

The first journey to our Ancestors was filled with a level of seriousness and healing on a deep and genetic level that I had never experienced before. My arrival to them was quick. I found myself in a desert siting around a fire with a group of chiefs from various cultures we all sat both in and with silence.

The scene then changed and I could see my self from a birds eye view linking arms with the chiefs and many other people who I did not know.

We were coming together as a family in love for one and other, showing no fear and showing that it is ok and that we are are ok. Stepping out from the illusion of all the crazy, fear and separation and linking together as one big family.

I then heard a voice speaking to me “We all come from the same spirit mother, we are all family. Come together not because you are afraid or angry but come together as family.”

I suddenly felt this deep shift in my DNA, it was as if a hardened blanket of stone had instantly cracked and had fallen away.

The voice continued; “This coming together will be good for the body, the mind, good for the spirit, your souls and immune systems. Show them that you are not afraid, show them that you are family – this will ignite the “People Tree (connected to the World Tree).”

As those last words fell over me every single cell in my body started having a very intense shift into something beyond anything I could possibly have words for, I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry with both joy and sadness and howl out from the depths of my being both in grief for not having felt this level of love and connection with my fellow humans before and in joy of the feeling that connection had ignited with in me and with the feeling that we are finally free and together at last, united as family once more.

Through linking together as family I felt with in me the rumble of ancient untapped life force that began to fill every state of my being it rocked me and filled me to the point where my heart rate and breathing had changed, I felt open, free, loved, supported and nourished beyond anything I have ever felt in my life.

Most importantly I felt our energy as one entire living being, having an existing in complete connection with itself.

If enough of us were to choose to stop participating, turn our backs to what controls, separates and puts us in this state of fear and then choose to face each other and come together as a family, I believe it would bring down all walls of injustice crashing down from its foundational core.

I saw us coming together like this in parks, villages, towns and cities I could see these circles eventually wrapping around whole countries linking arms realising more and more how closely related we truly are.

I hope humans every where start to wake up to this realisation of our deep need for this type of connection and a coming together as family with one and other as this is the turn of times that cultures have spoken about word wide for thousands of years.

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