Healing Ourselves As Tyranny Over The Planet Comes To An End.

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I’m not really sure of what everyone else’s experience has been since this years summer Solstice has passed – but with the planets aligned astrologically to bring us into this new era followed by the solar eclipse I’ve been lead to wonder the possibilities that lay ahead for us in this new and spectacular age.

According to many cultures, this period signifies the change over from the reign of patriarchal tyranny running ramped over the planet to something that is in equal balanced of the masculine & feminine principles holding to account those responsible for the imbalances created.

We have now entered this new era with both the sacred Feminine bringing the love & nurturing we so desperately yern for and that of the sacred Masculine which bringing us compassion and support for the humans and for this glorious planet that we are so lucky to live on.

This is a time of justice, healing our deepest wounds and a coming together as family and if you choose not to pay attention to what the television tells you then you will probably be seeing flickering signs of these times sitting and waiting in the background as we shuffle about to catch up with the new way.

We have been through a lot this year and with the promise of this new era sounding like a joyous and wonderful time we are only at the beginning of the changes and with all change comes chaos – as we have already witnessed so far.

Right now I feel as though we are in some kind of re-adjusting period, digging deep to heal ourselves in order to find the inner strength we needed to carry on in a newer and brighter way with our karma nippling closely at our heals.

Spirit reminds us at this time to be in nature and do something that nurtures the spark of life in us each day that makes us feel good and to teach our children the same….

Who am I?

What are my strengths?

What do I need to let go of in my life?

And what do I truly love? 

These are the questions we are being called to ask ourselves at this time – whether you sit quietly to ponder, meditate or ask the spirits directly, what ever your jam, these are the questions that we are being asked to ask and will help to set us up a foundation to move forward with our healing and a clearer mind.

For there will come a new time when we will be reaching heights we never dreamt possible before and I hope that this message has somehow help you in some way to take these steps with bravery and excitement for our new earth.

Look after yourselves out there, be mindful of what takes away from you during this crucial time of coming into a life that will certainly make you happier, stay focused, stay grounded and soon we will all come together as family and in love for one and other once more just as our ancient brothers and sisters did centuries ago.

With Love to you all on this glorious, painful and triumphant adventure.

Leah Savage, Spirit Speaks

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