For years people have told me to write a book about my life and maybe one day I will if the right mentor comes along to help me fumble through the process. I grew up through my formative years traveling and spending time on the land or out bush as they say in Australia – my parents were doing an epic journey across the nation in a big old beaten up blue bus, we were away for so long that I had absolutely no awareness of suburban life and the life in it that awaited me.

I have memories of my mother bathing me next to a river and passing spanners to my dad as I watched him fix our bus or how easy it was to socialise and make friends with other kids in the caravan parks that we would pull up in; but more than anything I remember so distinctly how the land felt and how each and every living thing just felt so good to be around, I remember camping with my folks by the Murray River one time, Im not sure how long we’d spent there but when it was time to go I remember feeling like I was leaving an old Aunty behind and felt pain in my heart at the thought of maybe never seeing her again, it broke my heart to say good bye time and time again to the animals, trees, rocks, rivers and land, each time we left a place I had also felt glad that I’d met them and felt excited to meet others, I was in a constant state of fascination, connection and ore.

Hikes and walks brought me into even more of a state of deep connection with nature and unknowingly with spirit. I remember particular moments of knowing what animal were just around the corner and what they were doing before we got there and of places where I’d been completely frozen with fear at the shear power of the massive rock formations in the Central Desert regions of the country. It took me a long time to realised that people didn’t see the aliveness and feel the nourishment of all that was around us. In the last year that we were on the road my mother became with child once more, I was very excited at the idea of a new sibling and so were my parents but this meant we would have to return back to our home State on the west coast, having no memory of this place because I was so little when we left there I didn’t really know how I felt about any of it or what it meant I was just happy to finally have what I knew in my heart would be a baby sister.

Going from a life of complete connectedness to all the sweet spirits that nursed me and nurtured me and gave me such courage, strength and vitality to a life that had none and felt heavy and oppressive hurt me badly, I was never able to articulate it as a child but as I go back to that time I can honestly say it felt as though I’d had been ripped away from my spirit mother… other than my father leaving it was the greatest pain and the most unbearable loss I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

As I sit back here looking at my computer screen exhausted from crying after having gone back to that time of separation after having been so nourished by spirit I ask myself “if it is this painful being ripped from spirit, from our mother, our sustenance; then what could it possibly feel like for those who have never felt it?” I mean if we don’t know any better do we just shuffle through life, living year by year going to work, paying our bills and maybe if we are lucky we might get to go on a holiday and all the while perhaps having the feeling that something isn’t quite right or isn’t giving you enough but there’s no sign of anything else amongst the bombardment of distractions that modern life has to offer so you just ignore it and carry on.

The great author Graham Hancock while reading out Thoths Prophecy of the Hermetic texts mentioned in his talk that he’d sat with the Shamans of the Amazon he’d asked “what do you think the problem is with the world?” and they would say “ The answer here is very simple, you have severed your connection with spirit. You’ve cut the link and you have to restore that link before you move forward.”

When I look at the world I see this excruciating truth everywhere, if we have no connection with spirit then we are missing the link these Shamans are talking about, that link connects us to ourselves ourselves who are spirit, without this connection it is of no surprise that the world is in the state that it is in.It has taken me many years to restore my link with spirit, with the great mother – maybe I had conveniently let myself forget in my early adult years out of the sheer terror of perhaps being torn from her once more, who knows; but what I do know is that I am here now and I am on this earth to reconnect other humans with our spirit mother once more for a life without her is simply unbearable.

I am a healer of the Shamanic arts, seer, workshop shop facilitator, advocate and friend to the spirits, my work is all about spirit and reconnection in a way that is safe and heart felt, grounded and filled with power. Join me as I build my social media net work and bring my long awaited work out into the world from were I am currently residing in Devon, England.

Thank you for reading this small piece of my story with spirit,

all my loveLeah Savage – Spirit Speaks.