Womb & Yoni Shadow Work.

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A healing technique born of an ancient time long before the corruption of humans, gifted back to us by the Gods themselves.

This power-filled, deeply Shamanic and ceremonial experience is designed not only to clear what is not yours to hold but deeply heals and re-fills you with with your own power – giving you a solid & strong foundation to move forward from into the world, strengthened, empowered, and ready for the next tase of your life.

This type of healing is suited for women dealing with:

  • Child birth related Trauma.
  • Sexual Trauma.
  • Disempowerment imbalances.
  • Wanting to release past lovers.
  • Healing for better relations with men.
  • and healers or partners wanting to support Men through their own process into a more sacred masculine.

Each healing can go from 1 – 2 hours, it is advised to give yourself at least a day or two of gentle integration as many women feel they are still receiving healing into the following days after.

Price: £90 (offer until end of March), regular price is £120.

For bookings: email pickingattheseams@gmail.com or message me on Facebook: Leah Savage – Spirit Speaks.