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In times like this it’s important to come together and offer a hand to one and other in order for us to flourish as a collective.

For a Limited time I am offering Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Mentoring sessions on a donation basis.

What happens in a healing session depends on your intention for the out come you would like and your Spirit Allies with their message of what is needed at that moment. 

What ever the challenge, there is always a spiritual root cause that we can get to the bottom of – once the root has been removed our lives start to shuffle around us and readjust to something more harmonious helping us to move through he world stronger before.

In my work I use a balance of healing techniques taught to me by spirit during my initiation into the work, classical shamanic techniques and that of the female Shamans of ancient Europe along the path of pollen.

Most clients will need 1 -2 sessions on any particular challenge/s with each session running for about an hour online via Zoom or in person.

As a guideline, I’d like to suggest a sliding scale for donating between £36 and £100 (being my normal charge for a session). But please do tune in to what feels right for you at this time.

To book a time please email me in the box at the bottom of this page.





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